Come and experience Mormon history in Copenhagen, Denmark. Come and see the places and hear the stories of the first missionaries and members of the Danish LDS Church. See where they lived, where they held their meetings and where they were baptized. Simply experience the atmosphere when the Scandinavians were introduced to the new Mormon faith in 1850.

Every Wednesday you can experience an LDS history guided walk in Copenhagen. (There are other options too, please take a look at the price list.)

In 1850, one year after the Danes achieved religious liberty, the first Mormon missionaries came to Denmark.

Here they established themselves in Copenhagen and with Copenhagen as their headquarters the Mormon doctrines were preached in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The first Mission President in Denmark apostle Erastus Snow’s wrote this in his diary: ”There is a degree of order and neatness… and urbanity of manners, such as is common to English towns… Copenhagen itself was still lighted with old oil lamps and the fire companies haul their hose and water on sleds with tubs and barrels. But it had its points: The navy yard & fixtures, fortifications, public buildings, walks and gardens… would be a credit to any town or nation.”